Belated Introduction


I thought I should introduce myself before I get stuck into this blog. I’m Karis, a Fine Art graduate of Lancaster Uni, born and bred in Yorkshire. I’m part of the comic and illustration collective Big Brown Eyes, and am interested in art and culture, indie comics, and tea.

At the moment I am a volunteer for VSO ICS in Battambang province, Cambodia in their livelihoods Programme. During my placement I will be helping to form a Youth Cooperative for young people to share skills and knowledge about agriculture in order to improve their income. I started this blog to talk about our project here, issues that interest me and my experiences at the other side of the world.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment about etc. Follow me on twitter @KarisL_ and Facebook, and Big Brown Eyes on twitter @BBEcollective and Tumblr.

Our team working in Banan District, Battambang, Cambodia for VSO ICS

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