You Know You’ve Been Living in Cambodia For a Month When…

• You are unperturbed by sharing with your shower with a frog, cockroach, or large spider
• You are used to negotiating your way through a herd of cows on your way to work
• 32° feels positively chilly
• You think that spending more than $3 on a meal is scandalous
• You have a mutual agreement that the locals are crazy for wearing lots of layers in the heat, and that you are crazy for wearing thin t-shirts
• You now stroke pet dogs without fear of catching rabies
• You look forward to eating rice, despite having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner
• You know the best spots for getting WiFi, ice coffee and fake oreos in your village
• You have founded a complex system of body language, which your host family enjoys but unfortunately doesn’t understand
• You have the shape of your sandals branded onto your feet due to a bad suntan
• A cold glass of water is the best thing in the world, and ice is a precious commodity
• You have accepted that washing the dishes under four times before putting them away is just not an option
• You wake at 6:30am and go to bed at 10pm without question
• You have graciously agreed that it is your duty to shout “hello” cheerfully back at every child who sees you
• You catch yourself looking at white people wearing short shorts and thinking scathingly “tourists!”



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