How to Lead a More Fulfilling Life

Some practical tips which I’ve found successful in making me feel more energetic, productive and satisfied in day-to-day life. They may work for you too!

  • Get up early. As much as this pains people, making the most of the daylight hours can make you feel way more on top of things, thus more productive and satisfied. Plus, sunlight is good for your mental health!
  • Maintain a regular sleeping pattern. This means you will have more energy day-to-day since your body is not confused all the time. It also helps with things like your metabolism and digestion if your diet remains fairly regular too.
  • Utilise empty time. Use the time you’re waiting for something, like the bus or your doctors appointment, to do things you enjoy. Why stare into space when you could be reading, blogging, or making plans?
  • Volunteer. Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things you can do (without having children or whatever). It means getting involved in something you love, helping out a good cause, and meeting some of the nicest people from all different walks of life. Plus a lot of places now support volunteers with reimbursements for travel or meals, so that you don’t lose money whilst volunteering.
  • Set yourself targets. For example, you could set yourself a target of buying Christmas presents before December, completing a painting in a fortnight, meeting one friend a week or cleaning your room in an evening. Completing a pre-set goal is the surest way to feel like you have used your time well and gives you boosts of motivation.
  • Watch less TV. Chilling in front of the TV is nice for a short while, but it is a big drain of your time if you’re trying to lead a more productive life. I always think of it as investing time in other people’s lives instead of your own. Use your normal TV session to do things which give you a better quality of life, such as meeting friends and family, instead of just filling time.
  • Make everything an event. It’s not pop over after work, it’s a Curry and Games Night. It’s not a night in, it’s Me Time with a hot bath and a cheeky cider. We’re not going to town, we’re going for truffles in Tracey’s Tea Shop and exploring Saint Nic’s Market. Giving specificity to the activities you do makes you look forward to them way more, and gives you more satisfaction after completing them.
  • Allow twice as much time to do things than you think. Whether it’s driving to the station, baking a cake, or going to the shops, it always takes way longer to do things than you expect. Give yourself more time so you don’t get stressed or be late for something important.
  • Take breaks. All this productivity aside, you really need to give yourself time to chill out amongst this so that you don’t go crazy. Just make sure you set yourself a time limit for it – whether it is an evening in or a week on holiday – otherwise chill time can turn into laziness or purposelessness, and that doesn’t feel good at all.
  • Enjoy the everyday. What you do every day such as showering, getting ready, traveling to work, sleeping and eating may not feel that special, but it is important to appreciate it since you spend a good percentage of your life doing it! Respect your meal times by giving yourself enough time to eat and making yourself nice food. Get enough sleep, buy thick toilet paper, make some cracking car CDs, and do whatever else you can to make yourself feel comfortable in everyday activities.
  • Be nice. Strangely enough, being nice feels nice. Be helpful and friendly to those you come into contact with. Don’t let your bad mood affect those around you, try to make fewer judgments about people, and be sincere. Being nice has both long and short term benefits, but mainly it makes you and the people around you have a more positive day.


Me on the left as Peter Rabbit at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

This is my method for leading a more productive and fulfilling life. If you have any tips on how you make the most out of your day, please comment below and I would love to add them to the list.

Thanks for reading!

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