Where to Find My Art

Where to Find My Art

Hello there,

If you’ve found this blog in search of my artwork, then please let me point you in the right direction!

Although I sometimes post my creative projects on this blog (such as my advent illustration project or my sketchbook from Cambodia), I usually use this page to discuss art in general, culture or bits and bobs that I’ve picked up and want to share.

To see what artwork I create and what I’m currently up to in my creative practice, please go to my social media pages which are full of works in progress and finished pieces!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


jenny copyright.jpg

I you’re interested in having your own bespoke artwork in one of my styles, I also do commission work. Feel free to get in touch about this (or just to say hello!) via email at karisviola[at]gmail[dot]com – I’m always happy to have a chat.

Balcony (A piece of the city).jpg

Otherwise I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and/or artwork on social media. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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